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Jaide Fox

Alien Captives

Year: 2017
Genre: Short Stories
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ALIEN CAPTIVES is the compilation of the Captured by Aliens Series book one through five: Alien’s Captive (Book One) Driving through an empty desert in the middle of the night, Adrienne and Ebony Raines never expected to come across two UFOs, let alone be captured by them. Alien Insurgence (Book Two) Ebony finds herself kidnapped by two enigmatic men who need her for the rebellion against the king. Alien Intent (Book Three) Captain Dar Tagnon is ordered to seduce the troublesome earth woman and bring her to heel. Alien Disruption (Book Four) The explosive boom rattled the neighborhood, and Morgan discovers big aliens lead to big problems.  Alien Resistance (Book Five) Samara is trapped with the worst cell mate on the planet, Jerik “the jerk” Warsong. Worse, she has to pretend they’re mated if she wants to survive.
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