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Dan Moren

The Aleph Extraction

Year: 2020
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Aboard a notorious gangster's luxurious starliner, Simon Kovalic and his crew race to steal a mysterious artifact that could shift the balance of the war. Still reeling from a former teammate's betrayal, Commonwealth operative Simon Kovalic's band of misfit spies has no time to catch their breath before being sent on another impossible mission: to pull off the daring heist of a quasi-mythical alien artifact from under the nose of the galaxy's most ruthless gangster, not to mention their cold war rivals, the Illyrican Empire. But Kovalic's newest recruit, Specialist Addy Sayers, is a volatile ex-con with a mean hair-trigger -- can he hold the team together, or will they turn on each other before the job even gets underway?
2020-02-11 44 3

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